• Competitive salary

  • Team margin sharing (x% of the margin is split between team members)

  • Lunch is delivered everyday for free

  • 1 day of remote / week

  • Medical cover


Email us at hiring@basicgames.io

Marketing Artist

Full-time - Nantes, France

BasicGames is an hypercasual mobile gaming company, creating and publishing its own games worldwide. We make minimalist but ultra-efficient gameplays that will be loved by massive amounts of people and generate a lot of revenues. After three months of existence, BasicGames has released 10 games, still growing.


At BasicGames we believe that small autonomous high performing teams can make chart breaking games. We are looking for top talents with strong skills, passion and ambition to join us.


  • Create mass-market video ads with your teammates in short time frames

  • You'll come up with high-potential ad ideas and constantly be part of the creative decisions

  • You will be in charge of everything in the ads: artistic directions, rush recording, direction, FX, ...

  • You will also stay on top of the most recent trends to constantly improve our games


  • You are ultra ambitious and humble

  • You can't stand idleness, you want your projects to constantly go forward

  • You are a hacker, you can find smart and quick ways to deliver huge value

  • You don't shy away from hard truths

  • You give a hand to others whenever you can


  • Professionalism - When you do something you do it right and you go the extra mile

  • The Eye - You have good taste and can identify what makes something good, good. You can then integrate it into your work to perfect it. More specifically when it comes to video ads making.

  • Scientific - You believe in intuitions but you always favour numbers, facts and tests to make your decisions

  • Ideation - At BasicGames everyone is involved in coming up with ideas, building on ideas from others and giving his/her point of view

  • Conception - creating video ads that are massmarket, eye-catching and innovative using inspirations from gaming and other fields

  • Video Editing - you master at least one video editing tool (preferably AE)

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