The Ambition

BasicGames is an hyper-casual mobile gaming company, creating and publishing its own games worldwide.


We make minimalist but ultra-efficient gameplays that will be loved by massive amounts of people: that's the surest way to profits we know.


For us it’s exceptionally exciting to know our creations end up in the hands of millions of people all around the world, and that our work matters to them.


We’re hackers. We make smart choices to deliver the maximum value as fast as possible.


We're turned on by making games that are the most widely used, loved, and profitable. We believe in true knowledge and creative experimentation. We really enjoy thinking laterally and getting inspirations in all fields.


We are passionate about bringing moments of magic to any player and we’re not afraid to have fun along the way. 

The Culture

We believe in personal initiative and make sure every voice is heard. Tough challenges and difficult problems are exciting to us, and we see them as a means to reaching our full potential.


We’re incredibly ambitious: we left our comfort zone behind when we started this journey.

The Way

We settled in the refreshing city of Nantes, near the Atlantic ocean.


We want anyone here to have a healthy setting and not to bother with the pain points of the everyday life. We believe in honesty and trust. We reject the ideas of control and imposition.

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